Xbox Game Pass subscribers will get all League of Legends champions

Xbox Game Pass subscribers will get all League of Legends champions

Riot Games made a surprise appearance at the Xbox & Bethesda 2022 Games Showcase on Sunday.

Riot co-founder Marc Merrill revealed that his studio will partner with Xbox Game Pass this year, offering hundreds of dollars worth of content to subscribers: All League of Legends Champions, Valorant Agents, and Wild Rift Champions will come to Game Pass Ultimate. Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra players will get some bonuses as well.

League of Legends is one of the biggest video games of all time, and Riot’s competitive shooter Valorant is also extremely popular. Both games offer players unique characters to take into battle, and are constantly adding more. Wild Riftthe mobile version of League of Legends, works similarly. Normally, players need to purchase these heroes with an in-game currency that takes a long time to earn, or real-world money. Opening these characters up to all Game Pass subscribers removes a major barrier to entry for Riot fans.

The announcement also revealed that Teamfight Tactics players will get a rotation of Little Legends — tiny player avatars — by subscribing to Game Pass Ultimate. Subscribers will also unlock a Foundations Set for Legends of RuneterraRiot’s PvP card game.

However, this Game Pass deal won’t happen immediately. Riot and Xbox will reveal more about their partnership in “the coming months.”

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