The Munsters Teaser Trailer Gives Us Our First Look at Rob Zombie Movie

The Munsters Teaser Trailer Gives Us Our First Look at Rob Zombie Movie

Following in the wake of Hell Fest comes Phantom Fun-Worlda brand new amusement park-set slasher that’s soon headed our way courtesy of director Tory Jones. Bloody Disgusting has been provided with a few first-look images today, along with the official poster art.

In Phantom Fun-World“Struggling to support her teen brother Cole (Jace Carson), Andi Campbell (Celeste Blandon) takes a job at the soon re-opening indoor fun park PHANTOM FUN-WORLD. But the park’s jaded and horrific past violently returns in the form of The Phantom (LC Holt), hell bent on keeping Phantom Fun-World closed for good.”

Phantom Fun-World stars LC Holt (You’re Next), Wes Robinson (Blair Witch), Ari Lehman (Friday the 13th), Celeste Blandon (Mr. Buzzkill), and Jace Carson (They See You).

Producers include Chris Gierowski, Thomas Wolf, Chuck Reeves, Brian Asman, Christopher Errington, Thomas and Annie Smith. The film is directed by Tory Jones (The Wicked One, Angel, They See You), and co-written by Jones and Jerron Spencer.

Co-Writer/Director Tory Jones said in a statement, “It was super cool to bring together this cast and to do something that felt like a mixture of films we grew up loving with a fresh coat of paint, a fresh take on it. I think this film introduces a new horror character people will want to see again and again.”

Chris Girowski adds, “This is probably the most ambitious movie of Tory’s career and he just keeps getting better! Folks will see this movie and have a whole lot of fun at the Fun-World!”

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