Tesla adds Enhanced Autopilot option for Australia and other markets

Tesla adds Enhanced Autopilot option for Australia and other markets

Tesla has added Enhanced Autopilot, a mid-range advanced driver-assist offering for drivers in Australia, and has priced it at $5,100.

The package – which was originally offered for early Tesla customers, but was then removed as an option from all markets – is a partial “self-driving” packag.

Tesla clearly states on the website that all its “self-driving” packages current require active human supervision. It is currently testing full-featured FSD software, although this is taking longer than Tesla boss Elon Musk previously expected.

Also known as EAP for short, the mid-range package costs $5,000 less than Tesla’s “Full Self-Driving” (FSD) package.

It offers all the basic functions of the FSD package, with the exception of the ability to recognize, stop and start at traffic lights and navigate through stop signs.

Source: Tesla

EAP features include:

The package has also been added in fellow RHD markets Singapore and New Zealand. Singapore pricing is not stated on the Tesla website, and in New Zealand it is priced at $NZ5,700.

EAP was added to the UK market in 2021, where it costs £3,400. It is also available in Ireland and Germany.

The change comes just days after Tesla boss Elon Musk said that the EV maker’s Full Self-Driving beta program would be extended to right-hand drive markets “probably by the end of the year.”

All Tesla vehicles come with Autopilot as standard, which includes auto-steering in a lane, and traffic-aware cruise control.

Update: Thanks to one of our followers, The Driven can confirm that there is no penalty for buying EAP in terms of then upgrading to FSD.

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