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T-Mobile’s latest Uncarrier get you access to 5GB of high-speed data when traveling internationally

T-Mobile is not a carrier to quietly update its options without a little spectacle. For years now we’ve been looking forward to each of its next “Uncarrier” announcements, where it shares its latest plans, perks, and premium features. This week we get the details on its most recent changes, with news about high-speed 5G data on international roaming, savings on your next tank of gas, and more.

Starting June 21, T-Mobile Magenta Max and Business Unlimited Ultimate plan subscribers will get 5GB of 5G data every month in 210+ countries across the globe, all without having to buy any additional passes. Subscribers on the Magenta plan or on “most business plans” will get the same benefits but only in 11 European countries: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia. In the remaining countries, data speeds will be doubled to 256kbps, which should be enough for mail and basic navigation.


T-Mobile already offers its customers free messaging when on international roaming in these countries. The 5GB of high-speed data and free calling/texting it offers to Magenta, Magenta Max, and eligible “Business customers” in Mexico and Canada remains unchanged.

T-Mobile has been providing free in-flight Wi-Fi to customers for a few years now, and that’s now being upgraded to include free video streaming. From June 21 onwards, subscribers will be able to enjoy in-flight Wi-Fi and stream content from services like Netflix, YouTube TV, and others on select flights from Delta, American, and Alaska Airlines, with United Airlines to follow soon after. There are limitations depending on your plan, though: Magenta Max customers enjoy the perk on all flights they take throughout the year, while regular Magenta subscribers will be limited to just four flights per year. On additional flights, they will get an hour of free internet.

Other benefits include a year of free membership to the American Automobile Association (AAA), as a part of which Magenta, Max, and eligible small business plan customers get 24-hour roadside assistance. Just remember that this subscription automatically renews for $83/year, so make sure to cancel it ahead of time if you only want the free stuff. There’s also a T-Mobile Travel with Priceline deal where Uncarrier subscribers can save up to 40% on hotel bookings and rental cars.

What’s more likely to catch your attention is T-Mobile partnering with Shell to offer 25 cents off per gallon through Labor Day. Of course, the devil’s in the details, and the fine print reveals this discount is only applicable for up to 20 gallons of fuel. And if Shell prices around you aren’t the most competitive anyway … well, good luck, we guess. Maybe check out the eco-friendly routing in Maps?

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