SwitchBot Lock promises to easily upgrade your deadbolt to a smart lock

SwitchBot Lock promises to easily upgrade your deadbolt to a smart lock

What you need to know

  • SwitchBot Lock converts your old locks to smart ones without needing to be refitted.
  • Users can lock/unlock their doors right from their smartphones or Apple smartwatches.
  • There are several ways of locking and unlocking, including support for voice assistants.
  • SwitchBot claims its new lock will install in less than a minute.

The SwitchBot Lock is a simple approach to upgrading your existing door locks. It promises to convert your old locking system without a need for refitting. This new intelligent home locking system is powered by Bluetooth and can help users lock, control, or open the lock through a smartphone or an Apple Watch. The company assures the smart lock is compatible with most deadbolt locks and further promises to provide 3D-printed accessories for compatibility.

The emphasis of this new system is its ability to transform your dumb locks into smart ones by using a 3M VHB tape to stick to the door. SwitchBot promises the initial setup will take less than a minute.

The smart door lock includes different-sized thumb-turn adapters to lock and unlock your door. SwitchBot suggests that this approach has undergone nearly 50,000 locking/unlocking tests — equivalent to five-year usage, considering the use of an average consumer.

SwitchBot Lock setup and use

(Image credit: SwitchBot)

The locking system on the new Lock comes with a handy automated lock feature, which makes it lock automatically as you head out. You can also use the SwitchBot Lock app on Android phones, iPhones, or Apple smartwatches. It even provides widgets for both iOS and Android platforms, giving users easy access to their doors. If you spring for a SwitchBot Hub Mini/Plus, you can add support for voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant.

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