Kansas State Wildcats football

Kansas State Wildcats football

Which team should Kansas State schedule for non-conference play in football?

DY: Missouri and Colorado would have been quick answers from me and both are already on the slate for the future. Kansas State plays the Tigers in Manhattan this season, actually.

Another logical answer is Nebraska. It’s another bordering state and there is history between the two sides. Not only that, they collide often on the recruiting trail as well. It makes a lot of sense.

I also like to ponder where the Wildcats recruit and make sure that they are maintaining a presence there. They’re popping into Florida more and more but UCF will be on the schedule quite a bit soon to cover that facet.

They also tend to slide into Arizona a bit, but they have a series with the Pac-12 Wildcats already on the docket, too. Obviously, they play in Texas, Iowa and Oklahoma quite a bit already.

But two others come to mind. There’s bad blood with Minnesota and that would be a fun contest to cover because of that. K-State has wanted to register in Minnesota on the recruiting trail and have struggled to do so. That’s a fun one to try and schedule.

Another is Georgia Tech because of how often they dive into Atlanta for prospects. Though I’m not sure how willing and eager the Yellow Jackets would be since they have to play Georgia in non-conference action every year.

FLANDO: I want to revive a rivalry for my answer and the parameters are simple. It’s between Nebraska and Texas A&M.

The Huskers haven’t produced a six-win season or better in the last five years, while the Aggies’ lowest mark in that same span is a single seven-win season. I’ll take a matchup against the more successful team in the south.

DREW: I would like to see Kansas State play Nebraska again. There’s a lot of history in the rivalry and it’s a regional game, especially recruiting-wise. It could add some juice to both fanbases.

K-State is already playing Missouri this season, Colorado in the future and has already played Texas A&M (despite it being in a bowl game), so playing Nebraska would be fun in a home and home series.

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