From Heights To Teeth, Internet Shares What Can Be ‘Seriously’ Damaging

A viral question posed to Reddit users on the forum “Ask Reddit” invited people to discuss some things that can unknowingly cause a great amount of damage.

“What do most people not realize can seriously f**k you up?” read the question asked by u/Specktakles88, which amassed nearly 30,000 votes since it was posted on Thursday.

Redditors’ answers to the question of what can seriously harm someone ranged from a fistfight gone wrong to ignoring problems with teeth.
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One Reddit response involved problems as it pertains to teeth.

“I had a filling that fell out and I ignored it, worst pain ever,” one Reddit user wrote. “Cost me a lot too.”

“An infection in your gums can easily migrate to your heart,” commented another.

A piece published by Penn Medicine stated that research shows there is a link between gum disease and inflammation that come before heart attacks and strokes.

However, the exact nature of the relationship remains unclear.


A popular response included someone hiking at an altitude that they are not used to.

“I tried to climb a 5,000m peak totally alone, without telling anyone but this nomad dude what my plans were,” a Redditor shared. “Got to 4,800m or so and started to feel like I was going blind, followed by [high-altitude pulmonary edema] symptoms.”

According to the Cleveland Clinic, a person can experience altitude sickness if they do not allow their body to adjust to the new elevation.

Symptoms can vary among people who experience altitude sickness, depending on how severe the case is. These symptoms can include nausea, nausea and vomiting and confusion.


A commenter shared that people may not fully understand how dangerous a fistfight can be.

“[One] Punch is all it takes to get f**ked up for life, if not die,” they wrote. “Fall wrong. Smash your head on something. The punch itself.”

Another shared that they knew someone who punched someone’s head and suffered an injury.

“Broke a couple of fingers and metacarpals, tore a ligament or two,” they wrote. “Hand was in a cast for months and he lost some range of motion.”

Social Media

“Especially endlessly scrolling in the dark late into the night and then again when you wake up, scrolling and scrolling until noon when you realize you’re still in bed and you’ve gained absolutely nothing from staring at your phone,” a Redditor commented .

Some agreed and wrote that they’ve experienced unhappiness when scrolling through social media.

“That’s true,” a comment read. “I’m always happier when I read my book [than] when I look at Reddit.”

High Expectations Of Oneself

“It can give you a great amount of guilt and lack of confidence,” the comment read. “It is OK to fail sometimes, not everything is a lesson.”

Fellow Redditors agreed.

“I feel like I didn’t really learn to fail as a kid,” a Redditor commented. “So now I am always afraid to make mistakes and if I make one I think I am stupid.”

Some offered words of encouragement.

“Sometimes failing is part of knowing you are moving [forward]…keep it up,” one wrote.

Another shared that failure can help someone grow and views it as “early attempts at success.”

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