Cozy “A Catered Book Club Murder” a quick and funny read

Cozy “A Catered Book Club Murder” a quick and funny read

“A Catered Book Club Murder” by Isis Crawford is a fun cozy mystery. The author has included several recipes that were baked at the Little Taste of Heaven.

A Catered Book Club Murder by Isis Crawford (Courtesy photo)
A Catered Book Club Murder by Isis Crawford (Courtesy photo)

Bernie and Libby own the Little Taste of Heaven Bakery, a catering café, but they also are semi-professional investigators. The two women are expecting Margo to pick up her order. Margo has placed the same order for one small chocolate cake with mocha buttercream frosting, one small raspberry pie with whipped cream on the side and one dozen peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for the last five years. It is unlike Margo not to be on time. The order was for Margo’s regular book club meeting.

Soon a friend from the book club calls the shop asking if Margo had come by yet. When Bernie tells her she hasn’t they all become more concerned. The book club members start trying to find Margo and Bernie and Libby agree to drop Margo’s order off at the Westovers’, where the meeting was to take place. Everyone except Margo was there. The group was all going out to try and find Margo but declined Libby and Bernie’s help when they were asked.

The next day the Glassbergs come into the shop to hire Bernie and Libby to help find Margo. When the book club members had talked with the police they were told there wasn’t a lot the police could do. Libby and Bernie loved detective work and had been fairly successful in the past. Their father was a retired cop and the two had learned from him. After asking the Glassbergs numerous questions they agreed to the job. Before leaving the Glassbergs also asked Bernie and Libby to look for a painting Margo was working on for them if they happened to go to Margo’s house.

Libby and Bernie begin their work by calling an old friend at the police station and asking if there is anything they should know about Margo. They are told Margo is as clean as a whistle. Bernie is the more adventurous of the two sisters and will push forward when maybe she should be a little more cautious.

The book club members continue to believe Margo has been murdered and the sisters believe there is more to it than Margo just taking off. After much investigation and getting themselves in some questionable spots, the sisters find Margo murdered. Now they must find out who did it and why. Many of the leads point to various members of the book club.

This is a quick read but humorous and a mystery with lots of mayhem. The sisters find Margo was hiding more than one secret and work to find which one got her killed.

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